Amabile Alumna is now Madam Mayor!

A standing ovation goes out to former Amabile Youth Singer, Lisa Helps who just became the Mayor of Victoria! As a student at St Mary’s Choir School, Lisa joined the JAS in 1990 and moved to the AYS just a year later. Her fellow students …

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A Holiday Tradition: Christmas With Amabile Choirs!

Nothing gets you in the Spirit of the Season faster than a choir singing carols… and Amabile Choirs delivers three Holiday events that are sure to fit into your schedule. Bring the family to get the season started with music! Amabile Da Capo Choir & …

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Top 10 National Anthems

Who knew that there was a Top 10 for National Anthems… Thanks to there is now… and it’s been viewed over 133,000 times so far. For the list, they looked at the most rousing, most patriotic, most historic and interesting national anthems out there. …

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Workplace Giving to Amabile

It’s that time of year again! Most workplaces have access to some kind of ‘workplace giving’ program, where you can pledge a specific amount to charity, which is then taken off your paycheque regularly. Yes – you can donate to Amabile Choirs through that program! …

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Why Do I Sing With Amabile

I was all set to write an article listing great reasons that men & women, boys & girls join Amabile and why they love to sing, and Dr Carol Beynon beat me to it. The following came from the Amabile Boys & Men’s Choir newsletter, …

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