Ride With Me , A Journey From Unison to Part-Singing

According to Hungarian composer, Zoltan Kodaly (1882-1967), singing, dancing and playing musical games in early childhood develops a sense of inner hearing that must be established before any work with notation commences. He helped to create a child-centered learning sequence that develops musical independence through literacy.

Ride With Me, A Journey From Unison to Part-Singing (Teacher’s Book)[1],” is song book that provides a sequential selection of songs from unison to part singing that includes related activities according to skill-level development. After a year of training in Hungary, teacher, composer, author, conductor John Barron returned home to Canada and literally wrote the book.

John authored a curriculum that transformed elementary-school music instruction  from a hit-or-miss classroom effort into a cohesive approach that became the gold standard across the country.”
Debora Van Brenk, London Free Press

The teacher’s book (which may be used on a stand-alone basis), is now available for just $15, plus $10 for shipping and handling within Canada.

Through the generosity of Bill Labron and Lynn McRuer, Music Plus Corp. and Kelman Hall Publishing in Kitchener, Ontario all funds are donated in John’s memory, to the John & Lowell Barron Amabile Choirs Fund, supporting the Amabile Choirs of London, Canada through the London Community Foundation, and are eligible to be matched by the federal government.

Ride With Me was recommended in “Sound Advice : Becoming a Better Children’s Choir Conductor” by Jean Ashworth Bartle.

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[1] Barron, John & Frederick Harris. (1993) Ride With Me, A Journey From Unison to Part Singing (Teacher’s Book). Two editions published in 1993 and 2004. ISBN 0-88797-402-3

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