Matthew Goes To Washington!

2016-04-14-matthew-emery-in-hallHis compositions are fit for a President!!

As the six touring choirs of Amabile Choirs of London, Canada begin recording a 16-track Cd of his compositions, former Amabile Composer-in-Residence has more reasons to celebrate as the Central Bucks High School-West Choir, the same ensemble that participated in the Holiday Open House at the White House back on Dec. 23, returns to perform for President and Mrs. Obama. The program in New York Avenue Presbyterian Church includes Earth’s Tall Trees, a six-part a cappella motet.

U of T News has written a great story about Matthew’s journey and gives high praise for his years as an Amabile chorister. Read it here.

Before he thinks about his US musical residency, he is in London for the recording of “Sing Your Song” – a CD that includes musical tributes to John Barron, and the title track – a tribute to Ken Fleet! The choirs are in the middle of a crowdfunding CD to offset some of the costs. You can make a tax-deductible gift here!

Congratulations Matthew! Your Amabile is so proud to sing your songs!