Love To Sing? It’s Amabile Audition time!

Music is so important! Girls & Boys – Women & Men! Young and Older!


I know we’re ‘preaching to the choir’ but this CBC story explains why Amabile’s music education program is so important in 2017!¬†

Book your Amabile Audition now – It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Get the full story on auditions here.

Sing Your Song – for our Crowdfunders

For our Crowdfunding Supporters – this is the title track from the Amabile Choirs’ newest CD: “Sing Your Song”.

Thank you for making the disc a reality!

The CD package can be purchased through local music retailers or, . It is a 2-disc package, with a CD and a second disc recorded in Pure Audio – Blu Ray, playable in any Blu Ray player for the most crisp and clean music you’ll ever hear. It was recorded in 5.1 Surround Sound specifically for Amabile, and is the first choral disc in Canada in this new and emerging format!

The CD and individual tracks can be purchased online through iTunes,, the Canadian Music Centre and dozens of other online sellers.