Amabile Choirs of London, Canada

Amabile for Boys & Men

The Amabile Boys and Men’s Choirs, founded in 1990, draws singers from across Southwestern Ontario and provide musical experiences of the highest level for male singers in the region. The focus is on character development and mentorship through singing and artistic excellence. The choirs champion music by Canadian composers and commission new pieces annually.

Amabile Treble Training Choir

Under the direction of Lydia Kendell and John Vermue, the Treble Training Choir (TTC) works and plays together for the boys to gain experience in singing and performing, while learning proper vocal technique, posture, breathing, tone production, how to read music, and basic music theory. They also study recorders with Rosemary Bannerman, to support their development in music literacy. The TTC performs as part of our regular concert series.

Amabile Treble Concert Choir

Experienced singers with unchanged voices, ranging from 10 to 15 years in age. Mentored by Amabile Young Men’s Ensemble, and conducted by alumni Jeff Beynon and Don Sills, the program consists  of rehearsals and performances of the traditional boychoir repertoire and Grade 1 Theory and Rudiments.


As well as singing on world stages, they had been guest performers at the Toronto International Film Festival, Orchestra London, the Windsor Symphony and the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony. The choir has performed for such notable persons such as Bishop Desmond Tutu, the Prime Minster of Canada, and has toured extensively over the years to Europe, the Caribbean, and across Canada.

Amabile Young Men’s Ensemble

Under the direction of Carol Beynon, Jeff Beynon, Don Sills and Mark Payne, Amabile Young Men’s Ensemble (AYME) is made up of young men with changing voices up to the age of 19. The AYME focuses on healthy vocal development during the changing voice period, and the young men are given an introduction to changing male voice repertoire. This choir performs with, and is mentored by Primus on a regular basis. Senior members of the choir also sing with the senior members of the Amabile Youth Singers, in the newly formed Amabile Chamber Choir.


Primus: Amabile Men’s Choir

Formed in 2000 and conducted from Carol Beynon and Mark Payne, Primus involves students and professionals from all walks of life who enjoy the pursuit of the choral arts and the camaraderie that develops so naturally in male ensembles.

Primus is known for its deeply sonorous and rich sound that rewards listeners with a strong identity without sacrificing the sound of one uniform voice. Members act as active mentors to the Amabile Young Men’s Ensemble and those in the Treble Choirs of the Amabile organization. The men also provide leadership development workshops on a regular basis for music educators, university music education classes, and students in schools, promoting the healthy benefits of being a male singer.

In its short history, the choir has achieved an international reputation that places it in a leading position in the world of male choral singing.

Amabile Chamber Choir

The Amabile Chamber Choir blends the exquisite tonal colours and talents of the Amabile Youth Singers, and the Amabile Young Men’s Ensemble into a mixed voice ensemble. The repertoire is advanced, yet engaging, and challenges these young singers to master the heights of all choral possibilities.

Conducted by Brenda Zadorsky, Don Sills, and Jeff Beynon, the Amabile Chamber Choir has consistently won top prizes in the Youth Category of the National Choral Competition sponsored by Choral Canada and CBC Radio 2.

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