Amabile Choirs of London, Canada

Amabile for Girls & Women

The founding of Amabile Choirs of London, Canada began in 1985 with the Amabile Youth Singers by Brenda Zadorsky and John Barron. Since that time, the number of female choirs has grown to five and continues to provide outstanding performance opportunities for over 140 young girls, teens, and women.

Amabile Da Capo Choir 

The Amabile Da Capo Choir welcomes girls ages 8 to 11 and serves as a training choir for the Junior Amabile Singers. The Da Capo Choir holds weekly meetings for instructions in vocal production, sight-singing, ear training, basic rudiments, and choral performance discipline.


Junior Amabile Singers

Founded in 1989, the Junior Amabile Singers (JAS) gives girls ages 9 to 14 an opportunity to develop an understanding of choral music, self-discipline, and artistic expression. Directed by Jacquelyn Norman and Tamara Reese, JAS performs regularly in the London and Southwestern Ontario areas, in addition to seeking national and international performance opportunities.

Amabile Youth Singers 

Conducted by Brenda Zadorsky, the Amabile Youth Singers (AYS) welcomes experienced female choristers from ages 13 – 21. During the course of its journey, the AYS have won 11 national competitions, including the CBC National Radio Competition for Amateur Choirs Youth Category and the Overall Best Performance of a Canadian Work. While touring internationally, this highly accomplished choir has won top awards and medals in 6 competitions and the top award for Youth in the European International Choral Festival, ‘Let the People Sing’, as well as being recipients of the Jack Richardson’s Best Classical/Choral Ensemble 2007, 2011 and 2014.

One of the memorable moments in AYS history was performing in the Panes of Glory documentary. A film highlighting the history of the magnificent stained glass windows of St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel at St. Peter’s Seminary under the loving care and direction of Father Michael Prieur. As a result, they were invited to be the featured choir for the televised 10th Anniversary Gala Concert for Salt and Light TV in Toronto. The second recent highlight was performing for the Conference for Violence Against Women and receiving a standing ovation. This was an empowering experience for our female youth.

Prima: Amabile Women’s Choir

Founded in 2007 and conducted by Brenda Zadorsky, Prima seeks to further enhance the Amabile experience for women, enabling them to perform challenging repertoire at the highest artistic level while moving audiences with their vibrant tone, impeccable pitch, blend, and balance. Prima excels performing the latest compositions/commissions by Canadian composers such as Christmas, Daley, Enns, Hatfield, Raminsh, Sirett, Smallman, Telfer; and former Amabile Alumnus Emery (ABMC), Quartel (JAS), and Smythe (AYS).

Amabile Young Women’s Ensemble

Combining the Amabile Youth Singers and Prima: Amabile Women’s Choir, this ensemble offers our youth the opportunity to perform and share their enthusiasm and talents with the rich mature female voices of some of London’s finest musicians. This ensemble has traveled far and wide, from Europe to New Zealand to Hawaii, here at home to the United States. The Amabile Young Women’s Ensemble has recorded and released numerous CDs.

Our singers continue to be proud ambassadors for young women everywhere, for our fair city, London, and for our ‘true north, strong and free’, Canada.

Amabile Chamber Choir

The Amabile Chamber Choir blends the exquisite tonal colours and talents of the Amabile Youth Singers and the Amabile Young Men’s Ensemble into a mixed voice ensemble. The repertoire is advanced, yet engaging, and challenges these young singers to master the heights of all choral possibilities.

Conducted by Brenda Zadorsky, Don Sills, and Jeff Beynon, the Amabile Chamber Choir has consistently won top prizes in the Youth Category of the National Choral Competition sponsored by Choral Canada and CBC Radio 2.

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