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Amabile Da Capo Choir 

The Amabile Da Capo Choir, under the artistic direction of Jacquelyn Norman and Tammy Rees, welcomes treble singers ages 8 to 11. This group of young singers serves as a training choir for the Junior Amabile Singers. The Amabile Da Capo Choir holds weekly rehearsals where they receive training in vocal production, sight singing, ear training, basic rudiments, choral movement and choral performance discipline. The Amabile Da Capo regularly performs with the Junior Amabile Singers, at local venues and with the other Amabile Choirs during our annual Amabile Festival. They recently participated in a workshop with the Canadian Chamber Choir and worked with Indigious composer, Sherryl Sewepagaham.




Amabile Treble Training Choir

Under the direction of Lydia Kendell and John Vermue, the Treble Training Choir (TTC) allows young trebles to gain experience in singing and performing while learning proper vocal technique, posture, breathing, tone production, music reading, and basic music theory before moving into the Treble Concert Choir. The TTC performs as part of our regular concert series.




Junior Amabile Singers

Founded in 1989, the Junior Amabile Singers (JAS) gives young treble singers between the ages of 9 – 14 an opportunity to develop an understanding of choral music, self-discipline, and artistic expression. Under the direction of Jacquelyn Norman and Tammy Rees, the Junior Amabile Singers perform regularly in the London area and Southwestern Ontario in addition to seeking national and international performance opportunities.

Most recent international tours include England, where they performed in The International Children’s Choir Festival at Canterbury Cathedral (2016 and 2019) conducted by David Flood and Henry Leck, and San Francisco, where they competed in the 2012 Golden Gate Festival earning a gold award and first place in the children’s folk-music class and a second gold award and second place in the children’s historical competition. The choir has also been named national finalist in two CBC Biennial Competitions for Amateur Choirs, placing second in 2000. In 1998, the choir released its first CD entitled Canadian Portraits and their second CD, She Shall Have Music, in 2005.

Amabile Treble Concert Choir

The Treble Concert Choir welcomes experienced singers with unchanged voices ranging from 11 to 15 years of age. Mentored by Amabile Young Men’s Ensemble, and conducted by Amabile alumnus Jeff Beynon and Rosemary Bannerman, the program consists  of vocal instruction and Theory rudiments through diverse rehearsals and performances.

As well as singing on world stages, this choir has been guest performers with the Toronto International Film Festival, Orchestra London, the Windsor Symphony, and the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony. The choir has performed for such notable persons such as Bishop Desmond Tutu, the Prime Minster of Canada, and has toured extensively over the years to Europe, the Caribbean, and across Canada.


Amabile Youth Singers – Soprano/Alto

Conducted by Brenda Zadorsky and Katrina Zadorsky, the Amabile Youth Singers welcomes experienced treble singers from ages 13 – 21. During the course of it’s journey, the AYS have won 11 national competitions, including the CBC National Radio Competition for Amateur Choirs Youth Category, and the overall Best Performance of a Canadian Work. While touring internationally, this highly accomplished choir features our Canadian composers and have won top awards and medals in 6 competitions and top award for Youth in the European International Choral Festival, ‘Let the People Sing’, as well as being recipients of the Jack Richardson’s Best Classical/Choral Ensemble 2007, 2011 and 2014.

One of the memorable moments in AYS history, was performing in the Panes of Glory documentary, highlighting the history of the magnificent stain glass windows of St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel at St. Peter’s Seminary, under the loving care and direction of Father Michael Prieur. As a result, they were invited to be featured choir for the televised 10th Anniversary Gala Concert for Salt and Light TV in Toronto. The second recent highlight was performing for the Conference for Violence Against Women and receiving a standing ovation.

Amabile Youth Singers – Tenor/Bass

Under the direction of Jeff Beynon, the Amabile Tenor-Bass Youth Choir (ATBYC) is a tenor-bass choir made up of secondary and post-secondary school students. Trebles from the Concert Choir have immediate access to the ATBYC as their voices change. The choir focuses on healthy vocal development during the expanding voice period and introduces singers to advanced tenor-bass voice repertoire. This choir rehearse and performs with, and is mentored by, Primus and conductors Carol Beynon and Mark Payne on a regular basis.

ATBYC has won national and international recognition through its success in invited tours, various competitions, and has performed for Choral Canada and the American Choral Directors Association national conventions.



Founded in 2007 and conducted by Brenda Zadorsky, Prima seeks to further enhance mature treble singers, enabling them to perform challenging repertoire at the highest artistic level while moving audiences with their vibrant tone, impeccable pitch, blend and balance. Prima excels performing the latest compositions/commissions by Canadian composers such as: Christmas, Daley, Enns, Hatfield, Raminsh, Sirett, Smallman, Telfer; and former Amabile Alumus: Emery (ATBYC), Quartel (JAS), and Smythe (AYS).




Formed in 2000 and conducted by Carol Beynon and Mark Payne, Primus involves professionals from all walks of life who enjoy the pursuit of the choral arts and the camaraderie that develops so naturally in tenor-bass ensembles. Primus is known for its deeply rich sound that rewards listeners with a strong identity without sacrificing the sound of one uniform voice. Members act as active mentors to the Amabile Tenor-Bass Youth Choir and Treble Choirs of the Amabile organization.

The choir also provide leadership development workshops on a regular basis for music educators, university music education classes, and students in schools, promoting the healthy benefits of being a experienced singer. The choir has achieved an international reputation that places it in a leading position in the world of tenor-bass choral singing.


Coro d’Argento

Formed in 2023, Coro d’Argento is Amabile Choirs’ newest ensemble and is open to all individuals 55+ of all levels of musical ability, as well as caregivers. Coro d’Argento is open to all who are interested in coming together for rehearsals to sing together and enjoy the uplifting experience that singing brings. The choir provides social interaction, inclusion and fellowship for all.