Amabile shows their true Amabile colours

Amabile Boys & Men knocked it out of the park, at the recent “Colours of Music” in Barrie.

We couldn’t be prouder of our 60 Amabile ambassadors who continue to put London, Ontario on the map in Canada.

While it was a long day, the boys showed their expertise, character, ‘gentle’-menliness, and artistic excellence at every step of the way. We had effusive compliments all day from school staffs to the caterers, about their excellent deportment and excellence in singing. There is NO doubt in my mind that these boys/young men who can show this level of commitment to hard work and excellence in the arts will become our country’s leaders.

Highlights included meeting renowned Canadian composer, Andrew Ager, who was touched by our performance of the song commissioned for its world premiere last evening. He marvelled to the sold-out house how our choir had interpreted and performed the ‘lament’ he had written as he envisioned it. (Everyone else will hear it in concert on Nov 10, 2013).

In 24 years of Amabile history, I have never heard such an early performance level from our guys over 3 full concerts. The boys drew on their strong character, intelligence and inner selves to ensure they had last night’s audience on its feet for the Hallelujah Chorus encore. We sold out all of the CDs we took after last night’s concert and could have sold another 25 — that is the proof of the pudding.

And, sincere thanks to our guys’ families — you have raised wonderful sons and you would have been so proud of each and every one of them.

Excerpt from a Facebook post by  Carol Beynon, Artistic Director Amabile Boys & Men’s Choirs.