Amabile Youth Singers 10th Anniversary Concert

About This Recording

Recorded live in concert in June 1995, this release features the Amabile Youth Singers with a special Amabile Alumnae Choir, members of Orchestra London, and Canadian baritone Kevin McMillan.

Track Listing

1. Missa Brevis Imant Ramish
2. Dixit Dominus Baldassare Galuppi
3. Missa Brevis Stephen Hatfield
4. Psalm 23 Imant Ramish
5. Benedictus Thomas Luis da Vittoria
6. Hej, Igázitsad! Lajos Bárdos
7. Cape Breton Lullaby Kenneth Leslie
8. Tishialuk Girls arr. Nancy Telfer
9. Petty Harbour Bait Skiff arr. Nancy Telfer
10. Carol of the Ladder arr. Stephen Hatfield
11. Elibama Stephen Hatfield
12. I’m on my Way Luerae Roberts
13. Las Amarillas arr. Stephen Hatfield
14. Honor! Honor! arr. Hall Johnson