Amabile Bursary Fund

The Amabile Choirs Bursary Fund  

We never turn away talented, deserving singer for ANY reason, including those who have financial challenges. Currently upwards of 10% of the great voices in our Amabile choirs are being subsidized within our organization – last season that cost ran to over $15,000. However, layoffs, referrals from social agencies, family illness, and unemployment are among the daily realities that impact our choristers. Some come from low-income homes; others are footing their own education bill; still others have no family support, while others are new in Canada.

JAS Fest 2012While membership in the Amabile family is open to everyone, at our present funding levels it is challenging to support new singers and invest in our future, but your support can change that!

Amabile needs to continue to maintain the ability to reach and engage everyone is who interested in singing with our choirs: from the at-risk children and youth to the stressed out university student for whom Amabile offers a home away from home.

We want to continue to extend our friendly welcome to all choristers, and provide those in need with both financial and family support.

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