Congrats to Prima & Primus!

They knocked it out of the park in Toronto!

Wizard and I reveiw

Toronto Star Theatre Critic Richard Ouzounian liked what he heard in Toronto yesterday (Tues June 16/2015) at Roy Thompson Hall. The two senior choirs in the Amabile Choirs family, took along some guests and headed down the 401, as the invited guests of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, for three shows.

His review of  the first performance of “The Wizard and I – The Music of Stephen Schwartz” says in part: “There was an added bonus, however, from the Amabile Choirs of London, who not only sang with a mixture of true musicianship and passionate feeling but provided the single most moving moment of the program with “Testimony,” Schwartz’s setting of the actual words of young men and women who had been bullied over the years. Deeply impressive stuff.”

Read the entire review here.

Bravo Amabile!