What Your Support Means to Us

You’ve Helped Raise a Singer’s Voice

Amabile has benefited over the years from the goodwill and philanthropy of so many of you, whether it be as volunteers or as donors. We want to take the time to reflect upon the impact you have. Through your support and giving, you have been able to provide:

Sheet Music

  • $5 purchases one piece of sheet music to be used in concert.
  • $200 is the cost of music for 40 singers in one choir.
  • $4000 is the cost of music for just one concert.

Life Changing Moments

We have a policy that no person will be turned away from the choirs for their inability to pay fees. Approximately 15% of our members cannot afford the registration fees to join the choirs. But $525 provides a bursary for one singer to join the choirs. You aren’t just donating money for the sake of giving back to your community – you’re contributing to life changing moments.

$125 covers the cost of a performance uniform for a singer in financial difficulty. You’re helping provide a singer with the chance to perform with their friends and to put something beautiful out there in the world for everyone to enjoy.


An essential part of a choral program that aspires for excellence and recognition on the world stage is touring. $4000 covers the cost of one singer in financial difficulty to go on tour. Touring helps develop self-confidence, maturity, independence, interdependence, self-discipline, and unity with an ensemble. It also develops concentration, focus, work ethic, and a broader understanding and appreciation of the arts, cultural heritage, and new perspectives of the world. No person should be denied the opportunity to expand their horizons due to financial constraints. the development of concentration, focus, and a strong work ethic

What Your Support Means to a Conductor

“We have the most gifted kids and adults working with us – most of them don’t know how talented they really are when they join. But our expectations are high, and the more we ask of them, the higher they rise; always meeting and exceeding those expectations so that our levels of learning and performance are always in an upward trajectory. What a privilege and honour to be able to work in such an organization.” This is filler text to put the line down one!This is filler text to put the line down one!This is filler text to put the line down one!

What Your Support Means to a Family

“Amabile has provided our family with an opportunity for growth we never expected. Our kids have found a home away from home, where they can be themselves, take risks, make lifelong friends, perform at a high standard of excellence, represent their family, community, and country on the world stage. I don’t know how to begin to thank you for the excellent education they receive, not just in singing and music education,  but in rich character development. And by allowing us parents to volunteer, we have also made wonderful friends and connections. This is truly our highest valued family activity.”

Your donation has a direct impact on the organization that can be seen in a tangible way. Our staff, volunteers and singers all appreciate what you give every time they walk into a rehearsal and every time they perform a concert.

Thank you for your donation and all your support at our concerts.

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