Early Classics & Late Greats

About This Recording

Notes from the Composer, Stephen Hatfield: The first pieces I wrote for the Amabile Youth Singers, beautifully conducted by John Barron, were the cornerstone of my career. People often ask why they can’t get those early classics on one CD. Now you can. Here in one collection are the legendary performances of “Nukapianguaq”, “African Celebration”, “Heaven Bound Train”, “Missa Brevis”, “The Virgin Mary Had A Baby Boy”, and more from those astonishing early sessions in 1991-95. Spanning fifteen years of recordings, the CD also features the choir under my direction in superb live performances of new material such as “Geordie” and “The Sparks Fly Upward”, plus gorgeous concert versions of “Once I Had A Sweetheart” and the 2nd movement of “Three Ways To Vacuum Your House”. I am especially delighted that the CD includes several beloved performances that have never been commercially available before, such as the ferocious live version of “TJAK!”, the first, unreleased recording of “La Lluvia” which remains my favourite version of the piece, and a radiant, mystical “Amazing Grace”, performed here with oboe instead of bagpipes.

Track Listing

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1. Heaven Bound Train Stephen Hatfield
2. African Celebration Stephen Hatfield
3. Amazing Grace Stephen Hatfield
4. Nukapianguaq Stephen Hatfield
5. La Lluvia Stephen Hatfield
6. Geordie Stephen Hatfield
7. The Sparks Fly Upward Stephen Hatfield
8. Apple Tree Wassail Stephen Hatfield
9. TJAK! Stephen Hatfield
10. Missa Brevis – Kyrie Stephen Hatfield
11. Missa Brevis – Gloria Stephen Hatfield
12. Missa Brevis – Sanctus Stephen Hatfield
13. Missa Brevis – Agnus Dei Stephen Hatfield
14. Carol of the Ladder Stephen Hatfield
15. J’ai vu le loup Stephen Hatfield
16. Three Ways to Vacuum your House (II) Stephen Hatfield
17. Go Where I Send Thee Stephen Hatfield
18. Once I Had a Sweetheart Stephen Hatfield
19. The Virgin Mary had a Baby Boy Stephen Hatfield