Honourary Patrons of Amabile

Our Honourary Patrons


Our honourary patrons are individuals who have made significant contributions of service to Amabile and we proudly recognize the individuals listed below.

Bob Chilcott

Howard Dyck

Stephen Hatfield

Don Wright (1908-2006)

Lowell Barron

John Barron (1939-2014)

In celebration of our 35th Anniversary, Amabile Choirs is pleased to announce the appointment of two new persons to our list of esteemed patrons: Mary Margaret Farrow and Lynn Davis.

Mary Margaret Farrow

As a charter volunteer since 1985, Mary Margaret holds the history of the Amabile Choirs in her hands, heart, and mind. She was instrumental in organizing our first choir and then set up the Junior Amabile Singers when it became apparent that a second choir was needed four years later due to high demand from the community. She has been Secretary to the Board since 1985 and has served as long-time Manager and Registrar of the Junior Amabile Singers. Her other roles include grant writer, librarian, archivist, and recording engineer. Mary Margaret has also been recognized for her outstanding volunteerism in the community.

Lynn Davis

Lynn has been an enthusiastic and stalwart supporter of Amabile since her son and daughter joined the choirs 20 years ago. From the moment that her family joined our Amabile family, Lynn has graciously stepped in to serve wherever she was needed – whether as a parent chaperone for tours or providing dozens and dozens of her renowned chocolate chip cookies for various events. As a member of the Boys executive committee, Lynn served as treasurer, promotions manager, fund development chair, and special event coordinator. She then took on the role of chair of the Amabile Board of Directors, and now co-chairs the Amabile Board’s Fund Development Committee. Lynn is an ardent supporter of the arts in London and is recognized for her outstanding volunteerism in the community.

Volunteerism and philanthropy are core values of these two incredible women. Thank you Mary Margaret and Lynn, for your generosity of spirit. Our Choirs remain as strong as they are because of our many wonderful and generous volunteers like you.