In Remembrance – Remembering the Armistice

Remembering the Armistice

November 11, 1918. The signing of the Armistice that would bring an end to the largest global conflict the world had ever seen. The armistice would come into effect on that eleventh day, of the eleventh month of the eleventh hour after four years brutal conflict and millions of deaths across the world, and here at home.

This year’s Remembrance Day held a sombre tone as millions around the world reflected on one hundred years since the end of the Great War and remembering all the lives lost, and all those lives sacrificed. As people filed into St. Peter’s Basilica this mood was ever present as we all reflected on those events from only a hundred years ago.

Amabile Choirs of London’s Boys and Men’s choirs honoured these lives with songs from the war. With an accompanying story of resilience, community and connection of civilians and soldiers throughout the war, the afternoon was spent in good company and our choirs were received with standing ovations at the end, leaving the beautiful walls of St. Peter’s Basilica ringing with good spirits.

Thank you to everyone who helped out at this Sunday’s event.