Jennifer Beynon Martinec

Jennifer is a voice and music education graduate from the University of British Columbia and the University of Western of Ontario. A former member of the Amabile Youth Singers, the World Youth Choir, UBC Singers, and the Canadian Chamber Choir. Jennifer was a choral conductor and vocal teacher at St. Michael’s Choir School in Toronto, Ontario, conductor of the Amabile Boys Training Choir, the assistant conductor to Linda Beaupre and the Bach Children’s Choir, a private voice teacher and conductor with Boni Pueri where her choir one the prize of the public from the famous Montreux Festival, a voice teacher at the English International School of Prague and a lecturer and voice teacher at Charles University in Prague. Jennifer has studied voice with David Meek and Darryl Edwards, and choral conducting with Dianne Loomer, James Fankhauser, Ken Fleet, Linda Beaupré and Hilary Apfelstadt. In 2001, she was the University of Western Ontario recipient of the Don Wright Scholarship for Vocal Music and in 2003, she was the University of Toronto recipient of the Lloyd Bradshaw Scholarship in Choral Conducting. Since 2010, Jennifer has been a conductor with the Czech Boys Choir.