‘Live and Kicking!

About This Recording

Notes from the Composer, Stephen Hatfield: The title for this CD refers to the fact that it opens and closes with all 300 members of the Amabile family singing and dancing in killer versions of “Oolichan” and “Dubula”. These live performances, which I conducted, show all the Amabile choirs at their most fiery and confident, and include several massed choir selections that give an extra richness to the sound. The massed Amabile trebles give stunning performances of “Ahe Lau Makani”, “Ain’t That News” and “Acceptance Speech”. The Amabile men are at their Olympian peak with “Heaven Somewhere” and “O Yo Yo”. “Living In A Holy City” and “All For Me Grog” are sung as only 300 voices can sing them, while the younger choirs in the Amabile family give stand-out versions of “Two Minutes Before Sleep”, “Foggy Birthday Shuffle”, “Set” and the previously unavailable “Three-Part Conniption”. In addition to the fourteen live performances that capture the singers at their high-flying best, the CD includes three treasures from the studio: the Amabile men tear up the speakers with their show-stopping TTBB version of “Nukapianguaq” ; the Chamber Choir gives their definitive performance of “Hard Shoulder”, one of my best pieces ; and the Junior Amabile Singers serve up one of the rarest of Hatfield recordings, the reggae-soaked “No Rock”. Fans of Amabile and Hatfield will not be disappointed in this collection of treasures from the archives.

Track Listing

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1. Oolichan Stephen Hatfield
2. Ahe Lau Makani Stephen Hatfield
3. O Yo Yo Stephen Hatfield
4. Two Minutes Before Sleep Stephen Hatfield
5. Foggy Birthday Shuffle Stephen Hatfield
6. Set Stephen Hatfield
7. No Rock Stephen Hatfield
8. Ka Hia Manu Stephen Hatfield
9. Three-part Conniption (1) Stephen Hatfield
10. Three-part Conniption (2) Stephen Hatfield
11. Ain’t that News Stephen Hatfield
12. Acceptance Speech Stephen Hatfield
13. Nukapianguaq Stephen Hatfield
14. All for Me Grog Stephen Hatfield
15. Living in a Holy City Stephen Hatfield
16. Hard Shoulder Stephen Hatfield
17. Heaven Somewhere Stephen Hatfield
18. Dubula Stephen Hatfield