Orchestra London Musicians


Wednesday, January 14, 2015, 7:30 p.m.,
at Metropolitan United Church, 468 Wellington Street at Dufferin Ave., London, ON

Orch Ldn photo - 2

Amabile Choirs are very proud of our association with the amazing musicians of Orchestra London, and very saddened at the recent events that have them fighting for their very existence. We’re delighted that while the corporate entity sorts out its issues, the musicians continue to make outstanding music… and we’re thrilled at the following “Community Connection Concert!”

Conductor Uri Mayer and clarinetist Graham Lord will join the full orchestra in a performance of Glinka’s overture to Ruslan and Lyudmila, Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto in A major, and Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.

The musicians of Orchestra London are committed to honouring tickets, purchased by members of our community, for performances cancelled by the previous administration. Additional tickets will be available for purchase – $20 general admission and $10 student admission – at the door.

The final words here, come from the musicians themselves: “We believe that every concert we perform is an opportunity to connect with our audience, and with the community in which we live. We can’t wait to see you all!”