Outstanding best describes Midwinter

Chalk another one up for Primus: Amabile Men’s Choir, who hosted their “Midwinter Gala” on Saturday! It was a spectacular evening of beverages, food and song. Invited guests enjoyed exquisite gourmet tapas, an amazing Silent Auction and world-class music, as only the award-winning men’s choir “Primus” can deliver.

Men At Work
Chef Michael Inman guided the preparation of finger-foods for the evening, assisted by a crew of the Primus men. Here the gentlemen of Amabile are beginning the preparation of a lobster bisque.


More Men At Work
Chef Michael (second from the right) is preparing chicken and beef satays. The food was served by other members of the world-renowned Men’s choir.


Ken Conducting
…and every once in a while the men burst into song, conducted by Carol Beynon and Ken Fleet (pictured here),  accompanied by Bonnie Shewan Burroughs (behind the photographer), mesmerizing the guests.

A spectacular evening, with special thanks to Eric and Charie Morse, our hosts.

Thanks also to Larry Farquharson for his great photos (apologies for not crediting him earlier)