Ripple Effect

About This Recording

This double CD features many new commission pieces for Amabile as well as new recordings of familiar pieces with a next generation of women singing them. Ripple Effect, 25th Anniversary Celebration is a tribute to the past and looks to the future.

The lyrics from Stephen Hatfield’s latest commission for the Amabile Young Women’s Ensemble, Ripple Effect, state: “Dip your fingers in the water and the rings will spread to who knows how far away. Beyond what you see, beyond what you hear, beyond what you hope. We are sending out Amabile. Dip your fingers in the water. Send your voices into the air.”

Track Listing

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1-1. Dixit Dominus (Psalm 110) B. Galuppi
1-2. Regina Coeli G. Aichinger
1-3. Tota Pulchra Es M. Duruflé
1-4. Cantate Domino H. Hassler
1-5. A Child is Born M. Sirett
1-6. Agnus Dei B. Chilcott
1-7. Laudate Dominum Z.R. Stroope
1-8. Canticle: In Remembrance F. Núñez
1-9. Jubilate Deo W. Brisbee
1-10. Laudate Dominum Omnes Gentes P. Drennan
1-11. Ave Maria D. MacIntyre
1-12. Exaudi! Laudate! B. Patton
1-13. Take Me Home H. Bushman
1-14. Rockin’ Jerusalem arr. T. Thomas
1-15. The Lord’s Prayer A. Malotte
1-16. Twelve Gates to the City arr. S. Holowitz
2-1. Ripple Effect S. Hatfield
2-2. Two Windsongs: I. Windwolves I. Raminsh
2-3. Two Windsongs: II. Windy Nights I. Raminsh
2-4. An Eriskay Lovelilt arr. M. Kennedy-Fraser
2-5. Goolay-Yali S. Leek
2-6. I’se the B’y arr. J. Govedas
2-7. Niška Banja arr. N. Page
2-8. Hej, Igazítsad! L. Bárdos
2-9. Love Me Sweet C. Vine, arr. M. O’Leary
2-10. Ici-Bas! G. Fauré, arr. A. Raines
2-11. Clair de Lune G. Fauré, arr. A. Raines
2-12. Echo E. Daley
2-13. Rock Me to Sleep P. Drennan
2-14. In Remembrance E. Daley
2-15. She Weeps Over Rahoon E. Whitacre
2-16. Panta Rhei J. Papoulis