Amabile Auditions start June 8th

Do you enjoy singing or know someone who does?

Let them know about upcoming Amabile Auditions! Amabile Choirs are auditioned ensembles.

Boys & Men, aged 8 and older Amabile Boys & Men’s Choirs (successful applicants will be placed in the suitable choir).
Monday, June 8, 2015


Young Women & Adult Women, aged 13 and older (High School and older) Amabile Youth Singers & Prima: Amabile Women’s Choir
Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Girls aged 8 -13, (Elementary School) Amabile Da Capo Choir & Junior Amabile Singers
Tuesday, June 16, 2015


The full story on Amabile Auditions is here.

Contact to arrange an appointment for your singer.

Other Info You’ll Need To Know:
Adult singers are encouraged to audition for the adult choirs: Prima and Primus.

(A $10 fee is payable for girl’s and women’s auditions.)

Successful choristers will be assigned to the most appropriate choir for their age and experience.

Registration Fees vary from choir to choir but average $50 per month (less than Novice House League hockey). Bursaries (full and partial) and payment plans are available for choristers whose families demonstrate a financial need. Applications are available. No singer who clearly demonstrates a talent and a strong desire to sing will be prevented from joining the Amabile Choirs of London, Canada for financial reasons.

Learn more about all eight Amabile choirs here.

Remembering John Barron

How fitting that Saturday’s “Celebration of Life” for John Barron in Toronto featured a mass choir of over 150 singers. The choristers came from many of the choirs that had experienced John’s magic: Amabile Youth Singers (the London choir he co-founded), Amabile Women’s and Men’s choirs Prima and Primus, plus members of Amadeus Choir, Elmer Eisler Singer, Festival Singers, Ontario Youth Choir and Eglinton St. George’s.

The congregation who enjoyed this breath-taking music were family and friends as well as many more choir executives, parents of choristers and some of John’s former pupils… although regardless of the aforementioned group they fit into, everyone there considered themselves also in the ‘friend’ category. That was John!

The preponderance of red sashes and bow ties were a salute to John’s years with Amabile. In his early years he wore a white dinner jacket and red bow tie, matching the AYS red sashes.

Regardless of how busy he was, he always had time for his choristers. John’s legacy will live on in the music of the hundreds of choristers whose lives he touched.

Click here for a biography of John’s life and just a small look at his influence on Canadian choral music.


John's Celebration of Life pic

Carol conducting - closer

Brenda conducting

Lydia conducting

Ken conducting

Bob Cooper conducting