Thanks from Dr. Davids

Julia with TCC
It was a wonderful visit home as you can see in this picture, courtesy of Mike Maloney of London Community News. She was barely home in Chicago before she sent us the following:

Dear Amabile Family,
It was so wonderful to be in your midst last week! Our music making was truly inspirational for me. I’m so thankful for your commitment and your trust. The concerts were everything I had hoped they would be – emotional, inspirational, exciting, moving, touching‚Ķ

A huge thanks to your directors and accompanists. My job was so much easier because of your impeccable work in preparing the choirs. Swooping in for a few rehearsals does not make a performance – your dedication, caring, and musicianship were the basis of everything yesterday. Thank you!

And thanks to Brenda – for the invitation, for SO much logistical work, and for the many years that you have invested in me and my musical career.

I wore my Amabile necklace with pride today, as I drove home and got back to work at the University. Thank you for the many kindnesses (tea, welcome basket, MASSAGE!! flowers etc.) and all of the hugs and encouraging words. You’re wonderful, giving people and I’m so glad to know that Amabile continues and thrives due to your passion.

With great respect and gratitude,