The City of London honours Amabile

An Amabile Shoutout to our AYMEs who performed for City Council on Tuesday Jan 14th.  Amabile Choirs of London, Canada  was presented with a Certificate of Recognition, as “London’s Featured Community Organization” by Mayor Joe Fontana and City Council,  for contributions to our community.

Congrats to the “Amabile Young Men’s Ensemble” who represented all 300 choristers and sang “The Chemical Workers Song” for the mayor and Councillors, from the second-floor public gallery, without conductor — (and no rehearsal since October in Barrie on that piece.)

Mayor Fontana and Amabile

In the photo, Mayor Fontana, Carol Beynon (Artistic Director of the Amabile Boys and Men’s Choirs), Chris Harding (Amabile FDO), Wade Baillie (Board Chair), Nicole St John (Pillar Non-Profit Network who nominated Amabile), and Don Sills (YM Conductor).

Feedback: Great singing on Tuesday! I know the members of council appreciated the incredible showcase of talent.