The Mass For All Creatures

About This Recording

Released in 1998, this recording features the St. Pauls’ Cathedral Choir, Amabile Youth Singers, and St. Francis Ensemble.

Track Listing

1. Prelude: All Lives Are One
2. Introit: All Creatures Speak of God
3. The Earth is Mourning
4. Kyrie
5. Mayfair / Little Lamb
6. Todas Las Vidas
7. Canticle: Benedicite
8. Gradual: If I were Alone
9. Lauda
10. Daughter of the Moon
11. The Mi’kmaq Honour Song (trad. arr. Lydia Adams)
12. Desert Wind
13. Sanctus
14. Rainforest Moonrise
15. Agnus Dei
16. Little Lamb
17. Trope: Deus Genitor Alme
18. Hymn of Acclamation: All Lives are One