This is what Amabile stands for!

We believe this was created by Amabile co-founder John Barron. This is what Amabile stands for (boys and men included):

Amazing singers!

Milestones – Many CBC wins, tours and international victories, AYS first CD recording (1989), formation of the JAYS (1989), the ABCs (1990), the Chamber Choir (1991), 25th Anniversary (2010)!!

Alumnae who were brilliant in so many concerts! Without y’all we would never have Accomplished what we did!

Brenda – an enviable collaboration. We complimented each other in so many ways!

Inspiring and astonishing performances that could melt stone!

Learning to pronounce and understand a host of Languages. Life long friendships through a common Love of music and singing.

Experience of a lifetime!

Choral singing which is not only first Class but world Class!

Helsinki- the final concert of my conducting career with AYS. The sounds were Heavenly in the old picturesque church.

Organization –  the conductors who work together so well and the parents who generously support their vision.

I    nternational tours where we learned, not only about other cultures, but also to appreciate and love our country all the more!

Restoring the faith of many people in the youth of today.

Stephen Hatfield