Top 10 National Anthems

Who knew that there was a Top 10 for National Anthems…

Thanks to there is now… and it’s been viewed over 133,000 times so far.

For the list, they looked at the most rousing, most patriotic, most historic and interesting national anthems out there.

After their stellar performances of national anthems at the 2013 ISU World Figure Skating Championships in London, Amabile Young Women’s Ensemble is seen performing. While they are not credited, they’re singing, not “Oh Canada” which would be a natural but #4 the National Anthem of the Russian Federation. Fast forward to 8:15 to hear them sing.

There are actually 16 anthems here… The Top Ten and six more ‘honourable mentions”.

FYI: “Oh Canada” checks in at #3 on the list. I won’t spoil the surprise – you’ll have to watch to see what rousing anthem ranks¬†#1.

And yes – the Amabile Young Women’s Ensemble know this one too.