Amabile Virtual Choir

We have so much to celebrate in Amabile and a huge part is the legacy that you, our former singers and alumni, play in the significant recognition that the Amabile Choirs enjoy today, locally, nationally and internationally.

Whether you are able to attend the concert on March 1st in person or not, we want you to play a major role in this gala anniversary celebration concert as part of our Virtual Choir. With current and past members, our goal is to have 1000 singers involved in this project – no small feat. So, many thanks for being a part of the 30th Anniversary of Amabile” Festival! an annual event that we know you recall from past years.

Unless there’s a problem, we’ll use ALL of the videos forwarded to us. We’ll be selective about the audio we use – regardless, you’ll be mixed into the 40 voices on the audio recording you will find below, along with 300 current Amabile alumni voices on stage plus the assembled alumni who will be there in person at the March 1st concert. We NEED your video, but if you’d rather us not use your audio, send an email to and we won’t.

The video is really important to us however. And if you feel time has gone by and you cannot manage the song, please just send us a headshot ‘selfie’ of you – perhaps wearing one of your old Amabile red or black or white shirts.

We need your selfie or video completed and uploaded by February 15th to ensure we get everything put together in time (and test it all) before Festival.

Here’s the audio mp3 accompaniment track – (don’t plug in your headphones until after the tone ends):


Both the SAB and SSA sheetmusic is right here: Blessing SAB (Bart) [secured]    Blessing SSA (Bart) [secured]

1. Things you’ll need:

You’ll want something to playback the audio accompaniment track you’ll be singing to – you can click on the audio on the Amabile website link to play it, or you can download it to your tablet, phone or on your laptop. You’ll also want ear phones, ear buds or a headset.

To get the best video recording possible, use a digital camera, a GoPro, laptop, tablet or phone to record your killer performance. Obviously you’ll need something that has both a microphone plus a camera or webcam. If you use a phone or tablet, set it on landscape orientation (usually on its side).

Please use the bigger and/or better of the two devices to do the recording, so we get the best visual of YOU!

To Record, you’ll need a video recording setting or app. You can flip the phone or tablet camera onto “video” setting, or on a laptop, use MovieMaker for PC users (it’s part of the Microsoft Essentials package, that’s free with Windows 7 and 8. You can download it safely from Microsoft, for free here:

If you’re using iPhone iPad or a MAC, our best advice is to use iMovie. Here’s a quick tutorial in using it:

One thing to note, right at the beginning when he is creating a new project it’s important that you click on Aspect Ratio and Select 1080P 16:9 (or 720) from the drop down menu – as opposed to in the video you’ll notice he leaves it on Widescreen 16:9 which will not allow for HD output.

2. Location:
Find a quiet location, where you won’t be interrupted for 10 or 15 minutes.
Ensure that your face is well lit – we want the Centennial Hall audience to be able to see you!
Get the recording device close enough to you, so there is little or no ambient room noise.
Use the zoom on the recording device, so you’re recording your head and shoulders only – you may have to play with it a bit to get a good head shot, or have a friend help you.

3. Procedure:
Get the sheet music out if you need it, your headset ready, and your two programs ready to playback and record.
Don’t plug your headphones in yet…

Start the recording device

Start the playback device with the volume up so we can hear the tone that is at the beginning (we need to hear the tone so we can use it to sync all of the recordings together more easily.)

Let the tone go and once it ends, THEN you can plug in your headphones.

You can record as many versions as you like, using the procedures above.

4. Saving your video:
Phones and Tablets save the files automatically.

MACs also save the file automatically.

If You’re using MovieMaker: Once you are happy with the recording, by clicking on the “project” tab, you can ensure the aspect ratio is “widescreen 16:9”. When you save it, it automatically saves it as a .wmv file. Then when you click on “save movie”, you have the option of saving it for “high definition display” as 1080p, which saves the files as a .wp4 file.

If you have the option of re-naming the file name with your name, that’d be great too.

5. To Send the file to us:
Click here to get into the dropbox:  – Easiest way to get the file in there, is to Drag & Drop it into the blue “Drag Files Here” box, or you can click “Choose Files” in the top right-hand corner. Find your movie file as you would any file search, click “open”, it’ll load…and you’re done.

Please also send an email to to let us know the file is coming, with the years you were in Amabile so we know who it came from and can add an appropriate caption with your name and years underneath.

Any problems, questions, if you need help or more instruction, email or call me: 519-872-2993


Chris Harding
Promotions & Funds Development Officer