Vive la Canadienne

Vive la Canadienne: A Celebration of Francophone Songs

On Saturday March 23, our four Junior Amabile Choirs were joined by guest choirs: the Grand Philharmonic Children’s Choir and the Windsor-Essex Youth Choir to celebrate Canada’s linguistic diversity. With a variety of songs that we could remember from our days in French class, to an energetic hand-clapping step dance performance, the walls of Dundas United Church were filled with laughter and cheer!

It truly takes a village to put together an event like this and we have so many wonderful people to thank.


Thank you to the members of the Grand Philharmonic Children’s Choir and their conductor Andrea De-Beor Jones, the Windsor-Essex Youth Choir and their  conductor Christine Prosser and accompanist Jim Prosser for coming together with us to put on a spectacular event.

Thank you to David Laidlaw and Meg Foster for being our percussionists for the afternoon.

Thank you to Sophia and Ethan Rosedale for sharing their fantastic step-dancing performance with us – and even teaching our kids in the choirs some moves!

Thank you to our Guest Conductor Linda Beaupre for conducting our final pieces so beautifully!

We would also like to thank our choristers in our junior choirs: Da Capo, Junior Amabile Singers, Treble Training Choir, and Treble Concert Choir, all our organizational staff, artistic staff who helped put together this event. To our conductors: Jackie Norman, Wendy Landon, Kathy McNaughton, John Vermue, Don Sills and Jeff Beynon; and our accompanists: Tristin Hill, Rachel Wohlmegut and Rosemary Bannerman – thank you for all your countless hours of dedication and hard work.

Thank you all the parents and volunteers who put in countless hours to make this event as special as it was.

Finally we would like to thank you, all our supporters who came out in support of our Francophone Festival!