Wanted: Amabile Choristers!

If you love to sing, we should get together!!

Amabile Choirs of London have eight choirs for ages 8 through adult – four for boys and men, four for girls and women.

We always welcome new choristers!!


Amabile Chorister FAQ:

Do I need to be an experienced singer to join Amabile?
While helpful, singing or choral experience is not necessary for the boys’ and girls’ children’s choirs. However, those auditioning for the Amabile Youth Singers, the Amabile Young Men’s Ensemble, Prima (women’s adult choir) or Primus (men’s adult choir), should be experienced singers.

What does the Amabile audition involve?
The audition is a 10 minute time period when the new singer can meet with the artistic staff to sing and find out more about the choir. It is meant to be informative and not stressful. Normally, singers choose a song to sing for the artistic directors, and the artistic staff will also check the singer’s range.

How often are rehearsals?
Amabile choirs all rehearse Tuesday evening for approx 2 hours, with occasional extra rehearsals for big events/concerts. Each choir rehearses at a different location within London, Ontario.

How many performances are there in a year?
The choir season runs September through June with 4-6 main concerts per season, plus 2 or 3 run-out performances as guest performers for someone else’s concert. The numbers vary depending on the requests received.

Do the choirs perform together?
There is really only one concert each season – the annual Amabile Festival concert each spring, where all 8 choirs perform on one stage.

Do the choirs tour and/or record CDs each season?
We try to limit touring and recording to every second or third year.

How much are registration fees?
Choir fees vary by choir – approximately $50 per month or between $4-500 per year depending on the choir – less than the cost of House League Hockey. Amabile Choir Registration Fees do qualify for the Canada Revenue Agency’s “Children’s Arts Tax Credit”.

What happens if I can’t afford the fees?
Amabile Choirs never turns away any deserving chorister. We have a Bursary Program that may be able to cover some or all of the fees for you or your child. Speak to the conductor or manager of the appropriate choir for information. There will be an anecdotal form to fill out and submit before your request will be considered. A Bursary is for one year and is not automatically renewed. Knowing that circumstances do change, it must be applied for each season.

Where can I get more information about Amabile auditions?
Find out more about auditions or get information about the individual choirs here or call (519) 641-6795 to find out more.