About Us

About Us

The Amabile Choirs of London, Canada is a non-profit organization dedicated to music excellence and educational programing for children, youth and adults who wish to develop their musical talents. An award-winning choral organization, Amabile’s programming and performances are known locally and internationally for their exquisite tone and vibrant artistry.

Comprised of nine choirs: six for treble voices of varying stages, two for tenor-bass voices of varying stages, and one mixed voice chamber choir, Amabile’s educational programs begin laying musical foundations with children at age eight through to adulthood. Our singers come with engaged and inquisitive minds and we work to transform that natural intelligence and talent into works of art for our audiences.

The continuum and depth that Amabile offers is unparalleled by any other choral organization in Canada. Amabile has achieved acclaim on national and international stages for its excellence in choral performance and Amabile’s Board of Directors is dedicated to supporting its staff, choristers, and community.


Our Mission

  1. To foster health and wellbeing through choral music education and training, and the development of commitment, discipline, and pride in individual and group achievement;
  2. To present performances at the highest level of artistic excellence;
  3. To embrace and celebrate our diverse cultural heritage through the songs of Canada’s many peoples, including indigenous, Francophone, black, persons of colour, persons with disabilities, new Canadians, and our LGBTQIA2S+ communities.

Our Vision

The Amabile Choirs of London, Canada will be recognized locally, nationally, and internationally for developing socially conscious, inclusive, and sensitive, world-class choirs.

Our Focus

To provide enriched lifelong learning for children, youth, and adults, empowering them to create musical excellence that promotes opportunity for personal and community growth and achievement.

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Amabile strives to maintain an environment free from discrimination and harassment, and in which individuals are accorded equality of opportunity based on merit and ability, as outlined in the organization’s Code of Conduct.