Soldier’s Cry

About This Recording

Songs and stories of war and peace are probably second in quantity only to songs of love. In planning this recording we have tried to find stories of war and peace that resonate profoundly with listeners and that might help us understand the countless loss of innocent soldiers’ and civilians’ lives throughout history. We offer this recording in honour of the soldiers by telling their stories and acknowledging their sacrifice for the rest of us.

All of the Amabile Boys and Men’s Choirs are represented on this recording from our youngest Treble Training Choir who combine with our Treble Concert Choir, to our Young Men and our senior choir, Primus, who sing together as the Amabile Young Men’s Ensemble.

Track Listing

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1. Soldier’s Cry Majeau/Worthington
2. Waitin’ for the Dawn of Peace Jeffers
3. The Morning Trumpet White/Wilberg
4. The Lord’s My Shepherd Archer
5. Even When God Is Silent Horvit
6. Amazing Grace Coates Jr.
7. Oseh Shalom Beckow
8. Peace Drum Song Scmid
9. Prayer of the Children Bestor/Klouse
10. When A Child Lights A Candle Telfer
11. I Am But A Small Voice Whittaker/Coates Jr.
12. Varjele Jumala Soasta Tormis
13. In Flanders Fields Tilley
14. For the Fallen Sammes
15. Reconciliation Chatman
16. In Remembrance Daley
17. Ave Maris Stella Grieg
18. Libertatum Papoulis
19. The Last Post